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Lake Tahoe Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The Lake Tahoe Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan guides the long-term planning of bicycle and pedestrian facilities in Lake Tahoe. The plan is intended to provide implementing agencies with the ability to apply for funding for new bicycle paths, lanes, routes, and sidewalks, to provide the public with an understanding of which corridors are designated for future facility construction, and to provide the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) and local jurisdictions with the ability to coordinate bicycle and pedestrian facilities with other development, such as road work or commercial projects.

The Tahoe Metropolitan Planning Organization (TMPO), together with the TRPA are in the process of updating the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The updated plan will be developed with input from local jurisdictions, local bicycle organizations, regional planning workshops, and the general public. The new plan will describe all existing and proposed bicycle and pedestrian facilities, how and when these projects should be constructed, the proposed costs associated with them, priority projects for implementation, and possible funding sources.

The public is invited to take an active part in the update of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, scheduled to be completed in June or July 2010. For more information on the Plan and how to get involved, click on the links below.


Contact Information:
Karen Fink
Transportation Planner
(775) 589-5204

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